November 2008 Medical Team to Panzacola, Mexico needs doctors and physician’s assistants

May 22, 2008

A United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) team from San Jose’s Wesley United Methodist Church heads to Panzacola, Mexico in July – and while that team, which will do construction, is now full, team leader Jackie Kawashima says there’s still room for volunteers on the November 2008 medical team! Both physicians and physician’s assistants are needed.

The November trip begins on the 16th. The group will travel to central Mexico for four days of work at a UMC Medical Clinic in the small village of Tatoxcac. During this time volunteers will sleep in classrooms on sleeping bags. They will be able to do consults at the clinic – which contains surgical suites along with facilities for dental work.
The volunteers also will visit another village, probably Ixtepec, where they will do consults in or near the local UMC. This village is very poor and seldom receives medical services.
If the team is unable to go to Ixtepec because of road conditions, etc., it will travel to another village to provide consults. Team members will stay with local families or in a small hotel.
The mission will end November 23 and the team will return home on the 25th.
Anyone interested in participating is urged to contact Kawashima by email or telephone at, (408-268-8318).
Find out more about this trip and others by visiting the Urgent Need for Volunteers page on the California-Nevada Annual Conference UMVIM website.