Interfaith Dialogue for Women June 8 at Los Altos UMC

May 14, 2008

Senior New Ways, on behalf of women of all faith traditions, extends a personal invitation to you to attend the upcoming Women's Interfaith Dialogue Encounter scheduled for Sunday, June 8, 3-5 p.m. (with gathering/sign-in at 2:45 p.m.), at Los Altos United Methodist Church.


It will take place in the Garden Room of the church (located at 655 Magdalena Ave., Los Altos, CA 94024). The discussion topic will be prayer.


It will be the ninth women's dialogue encounter in the last two years. The encounters were started:

·         To provide a safe space for women to experience mutual sharing across differences of culture, religion, and life experience

·         To be able to share about one's own traditions and ask questions about other traditions without fearing that one is foolish or is giving offense

·         Participants are eager to be exposed to each other's practices, music, food, prayer, philosophies and histories. However, the goal is to glean more than mere information about other religions – rather, to gain a deep understanding of the lived experiences of different cultures and faiths.

The emphasis is on interaction, dialogue and "encounter."


Through small group and large group interactions participants will explore the various forms of prayer (and meditation) in each of their traditions.


Please help with planning by sending your RSVP by email or phone no later than June 5 to Judith Pruess-Mellow,, (650) 209-1119; or Sharla Kibel,, (408) 353-4349. 


Please also consider taking along young (teen) women in your lives and families, as there is interest in having a table for younger women at which they may exchange experiences as well.


Senior New Ways looks forward to seeing you there!