Deadline Looms for Receipt of Annual Conference Presentations

May 16, 2008

Are you doing a presentation at Annual Conference Session? Do you plan to incorporate electronic media such as PowerPoint or DVD? Have you noticed that the deadline to submit your materials to the Communications Office is just two weeks and two days away (June 1)? Ah, how time flies when you're doing ministry!


Nonetheless, if your presentation isn't in (and we can guarantee it isn't, because we haven't received any, yet!) please set to work "with a will" and prepare it in time to meet our deadline.


We know you're busy. But the deadline really isn't arbitrary. Once you've completed your work and breathed a sigh of relief, our job begins – and believe it or not, when "the magic happens," to use an old show biz expression, it really isn't the result of magic, at all, but rather of hours of work loading images and text into special software (and sometimes making corrections to conform to guidelines designed to showcase your work to best advantage*). And since crucial members of the tech team are volunteers (who are also pastors), we ask that you please respect their time constraints and adhere to the June 1 deadline.


We need to receive your media and a script. The script must be word-for-word, giving precise cues, if you plan to show more than a single image on the screens.


The Communications Office will do everything possible to assist you. If you need help preparing your presentation, please call Jane Horstman, (916) 374-1518 or email her at Jane has prepared an illustrated PowerPoint "how-to" guide and is available for individual assistance, as well.


In addition, you must schedule a rehearsal for all presentations, to be conducted six hours or more before you present. Jane Horstman also is your contact to schedule your rehearsal.


If we do not receive your presentation, with script, by June 1 – or if you don't schedule a rehearsal – we're sorry, but you'll have to give your presentation at Annual Conference Session without the benefit of supporting media.


Consider yourselves warned! In the meantime, we truly are at your service to do everything possible to help you meet our deadline.


*For general guidelines about font types, sizes, and colors, etc., link here to download Presentation Guidelines. A PowerPoint template is also available for download.