Reports and Resolutions Now Available to Download

May 02, 2008

Reports and legislation for Annual Conference Session are now ready. Conference Secretary Roger Morimoto instructs all clergy and lay delegates to download all four documents, which contain necessary information for delegates to have in order to be prepared for Annual Conference.


You may download the four documents by going to the 2008 Annual Conference Session page. (A direct link to that page is located under "Quick Links" on the left side of the Conference website Home Page at


Or link here to download:


Conference Reports 2008


Table of Contents: 2008 Resolutions


Item A (budget)


Conference Resolutions 2008


Remember: All four documents – "Conference Reports 2008," "Table of Contents: 2008 Resolutions," "Item A" (budget), and "Conference Resolutions 2008" need to be downloaded/copied by all clergy and lay delegates.