Celebrate Peace with Justice Sunday May 18: Witness to God's hope for a Faithful, Loving World

April 24, 2008

Peace with Justice Sunday - celebrated on May 18 this year - is a time that United Methodists may respond to God's call to be peacemakers. It is a time that we renew our commitment by advocating and witnessing for peace and justice for all of God's Creation. By observing Peace with Justice Sunday, you give hope and voice to the wounded and vulnerable. 


PEACE WITH JUSTICE OFFERING - Your offering on Peace with Justice Sunday is at work beyond the walls of your local church, helping children of God throughout the world.


Half of the offering remains in our Annual Conference to support peace with justice and environmental justice ministries. The remaining half helps support peace with justice programs nationally and internationally through the General Board of Church and Society.


If the designated date of May 18 conflicts with your church's calendar, please select another date that is meaningful for your church.


The total 2007 offering was $27,809.06. Thanks to your generosity, 17 grants were given in 2007 to assist local churches and others engaged in peace and justice advocacy ministries.

Please continue to observe this "Special Sunday" and give generously to the Peace with Justice Sunday Special Offering.


FREE RESOURCES - Bulletin inserts/envelopes, and worship resources are available from United Methodist Communications by calling toll free, (888) 346-3862, or visiting www.UMCGiving.org. Resources are also available on the General Board of Church and Society's website at www.umc-gbcs.org.


To help put a human face on Peace with Justice Sunday a video clip with sound is available by linking to Forgive the World on umc.org. After you open the page click the words, "Forgive the World" in light blue under "Video Resources – Peace with Justice Sunday," to play the clip.


PEACE with JUSTICE GRANTS - for information about grants and the Peace with Justice Program contact Adrienne Fong at afong@jps.net or (415) 651-4910.