Pastors: Get Sermon Illustrations, Video Downloads Through Church Video License

April 17, 2008

Pastors – is your church video license up to date? There are a number of reasons that it should be. For one thing, to lawfully play videos in a public setting a license is required. For another, having a valid license can help you prepare your next sermon!


Christian Video Licensing International (CVLI), the company that provides the umbrella video license for the California-Nevada Conference, has a new feature designed to help those in ministry use videos more effectively – and it's FREE with every standard membership.


The new resource is access to an online service called ScreenVue that provides more than 1,200 sermon illustration ideas using major motion pictures - including Walt Disney Pictures releases - which you rent or purchase. Each scene idea includes a movie summary, scene summary, themes, Scripture references, and insights and suggestions for using the scene in an effective way. It's a research tool designed to work hand in hand with your CVLI license to help you find the perfect movie illustration to enhance your next sermon or class.


Here's a sampling of what pastors are saying about ScreenVue: "I was planning a message on Divine Protection and looked through all my DVDs at home. …I couldn't find something that provided a scene, not only of danger, but an illustration that also demonstrated God's shelter and protection," writes Jim Parker of Spokane, Washington. "I plugged into ScreenVue and typed in ‘Divine Protection.' The scene described in Twister was exactly what I needed."


Thomas Carmen of Tulsa, Oklahoma adds, "In my Wednesday night services, I'm doing a series on integrity. This scene [in Batman Begins] was useful in illustrating this."


To access the sermon illustration ideas just go to, click the "Sign in" link in the upper right corner, and enter your CVLI License ID number. Your complimentary membership has no expiration as long as your CVLI license remains in effect.


Upgrade and download

For an additional $34.95 per year you may upgrade to the ScreenVue PLUS Membership, which allows access to more than 500 downloadable scenes from selected major titles and Christian/independent movies.


What's more, if 100 or more Cal-Nevada churches commit to the PLUS membership, CVLI will offer it to all our subscribers at a reduced fee. Call or email Jane Horstman, Conference Interim Communications Administrative Assistant, at (916) 374-1518 or, to communicate your interest.


If your church has not yet subscribed to CVLI, do so by sending a check for $168 ($169 to cover a childcare facility in addition to the church) to the Conference offices at P.O. Box 980250, West Sacramento, CA 95798. Write "CVLI" or "church video license" on the memo line of the check and make the check payable to the CA-NV Annual Conference. If your church subscribed in 2007 but has not sent in its renewal, please do so immediately.


To find out whether your church has re-subscribed for 2008, and for additional information about the licensing process, visit the Church Video License page, found under "Resources" on the green navigation bar near the top of the Home Page at


The umbrella license through the Conference is offered at a substantial savings over the cost of obtaining the license individually. The licensing period is April 1, 2008-March 31, 2009.