Special Chrysalis Flight for Pastors and Youth Leaders

April 17, 2008

All pastors and youth leaders – you're invited to spend three days with God on behalf of your youth! Experience what Chrysalis can offer the young people to whom you minister.


Chrysalis is the youth and young adult version of The Walk to Emmaus. The name is symbolic – reflective of the way in which the time of spiritual growth between adolescence and adulthood is as essential to the development of our youth as the cocoon is to the development of the caterpillar. At that precious, fleeting time a young person's faith must be nurtured if he or she is to enter into an adulthood of discipleship.


The Chrysalis Board has observed that there is greater participation by youth in churches where the youth leaders and/or their pastors have had some experience with Chrysalis. It's for that reason that the Board voted to launch "Special Chrysalis Flight #25" for pastors and youth leaders May 1-4 at Grass Valley United Methodist Church.


Download event flyer here. Download updateable application here.


For more information visit www.ncnec.org or contact Kelly Newell, CA-NV Annual Conference Director of Youth and Camping Ministries, (916) 374-1583; Debi Flory, Chrysalis Community Lay Director, (530) 758-6716; or Chris Thompson, Flight Lay Director, (530) 305-9281.