Special Website Section Created for 'An Artful Presence'

April 11, 2008

There's so much excitement about "An Artful Presence" – the unique focus of this year's Annual Conference Session that surrounds the retirement of Bishop Beverly J. Shamana – that we've created a special website section to house all the information.


You'll be able to link directly to An Artful Presence at 2008 ACS by clicking on those words beneath the main photo on the Home Page.


(You may also click on "Annual Conference Session 2008" under "Quick Links" on the Home Page at cnumc.org. When the main Annual Conference Session 2008 page opens, you'll see the link to "An Artful Presence…" on the left side of the page.) 


"An Artful Presence at 2008 ACS" provides an overview of what you can expect to experience during Conference this year – along with links to sub pages that highlight the: Art of the Family, Artists in Residence, and Worship Artists. Visit all these pages frequently to keep up with everything that's been planned!


In addition, beginning next week the Home Page at cnumc.org will feature a slide show preview of what you can expect to see: just a taste of An Artful Presence at Annual Conference Session 2008!