Support Africa University Through New Online Site, Prayer

April 04, 2008

In 2006, 20 annual conferences supported the Africa University Fund through their full participation in the covenant of connectional giving. Last year 30 conferences participated fully – meaning that overall support of the AUF from the United Methodist connection reached 92 percent in 2007: a mere 8 percent shy of the goal of 100 percent funding.


The difference in dollars was $195,217 – and with roughly eight million members in the United States, that translates to just 2.5 cents per member for the year.


It's a small amount by our standards, but that missing $195,000 represents the amount needed to educate some 40 students at Africa University.


In these days, when the country of Zimbabwe is facing financial turmoil, full support of Africa University by the United Methodist connection is crucial. Every dollar makes a tremendous difference.


For more information and to support Africa University, visit a new online site at


Bishop Ernest S. Lyght, Chair of the Africa University Board Development Committee and the Advisory Development Committee, says, "I ask you to keep Africa University in your prayers and before your people. It is one of the best examples of how a connectional church helps us to accomplish things no one congregation could do alone."