The Marriage Encounter Weekend Couples' Retreat, May 16-18

April 03, 2008

Survey after survey supports the idea that marriage and family are considered by people to be their most precious life values, yet more than 50% of new marriages and 65% of second marriages fail. We all know the value of taking care of our $25,000 car and $300,000 house, yet many times we fail miserably at caring for our most valuable commodities – our spouse and family.


Make an investment in your core relationship. Devote a weekend to a Marriage Encounter couples' retreat – a concept that has served couples well for 40 years.


The Marriage Encounter annual spring retreat will be May 16-18 at the Best Western Venetian Court Hotel in Rancho Cordova (near Sacramento). Under the leadership of Rev. Jerry and Sue Angove, and Glenn and Gwen Tilton, couples will learn practical tools for developing a more intimate relationship between husband and wife. They will learn to strengthen their marriage by putting God's love into practice in their own lives on a regular basis.


There is a $75 registration fee; program materials, hotel room and meals will be paid for on a donation basis. Each couple will have a private room. 


You may register online at – or contact Gary and Phyllis Varney, (916) 371-5019,