Jurisdictional Nomination Pool is taking names

March 20, 2008

Each quadrennium the General Conference Delegation is responsible for compiling a list of people who are willing to be considered for serving on General and Jurisdictional agencies, boards and committees. The list is presented to the Annual Conference Session in June for approval and the names of those elected for the pool are then forwarded to the Jurisdictional Nominating Committee for its use in selecting members to serve. (2004 Discipline, Par. 705.1a.b.)

Persons already elected as General Conference Delegates are automatically in the pool. All others must submit their names and the categories for which they want to be considered. The categories are: Clergy, Laywomen, Laymen, Youth (ages 12-18), Young Adults (ages 19-30), Racial and Ethnic Persons, Older Adults (65+), and Persons with Disabilities. Persons may be eligible to be listed in more than one category.

Following the election at ACS, those in the pool will receive a biographical information form to be completed and returned to the Conference Secretary by the end of Annual Conference Session.

Please submit your name, contact information and category(ies) to: Laura Tower, ltowerfarm@aol.com.  

Deadline to be on the printed ballot is May 7, 2008.

Additional persons may be nominated from the floor at ACS.