Jum-riab-sua! (Hello!) from Cambodia

March 07, 2008

Newly-consecrated missionary Katherine Parker has just begun her service in agricultural ministry in Cambodia.


She writes, “This has been an exciting first month in Cambodia. We welcomed a medical mission team from Louisiana, I saw the Angkor Watt, and last week I finally started language lessons. A few pictures and some thoughts are posted on my blog, http://bokashi.blogspot.com. Aa-gun (thanks) for reading and for your continued prayers and support.”


Katherine also has just received her first Covenant Relationship agreement with a California-Nevada church. She will be in covenant relationship with Wesley UMC in Bakersfield. Congratulations to Wesley Bakersfield for this new commitment!


For information on how a congregation may join in Covenant Relationship with Katherine Parker or any other missionary contact Rev. Becky Goodwin, Conference Secretary for Global Ministries, at UMC Rancho Cordova, (916) 635-4242, or pastorbegood@comcast.net.