Chrysalis Flight for pastors and youth leaders scheduled for May

February 28, 2008

Chrysalis – the name chosen for the youth and young adult version of The Walk to Emmaus – offers three-day faith-nurturing “Flights” (for grades 10-12) and “Journeys” (for ages 19-24).


The Chrysalis Board has observed that there is greater participation by youth in churches where the youth leaders and/or their pastors have had some experience with Chrysalis. Therefore the Board voted to launch “Special Chrysalis Flight #25” for pastors and youth leaders May 1-4 at Grass Valley UMC. 


The Flight will employ the standard Chrysalis format and the conference room team will be standard: five talks by clergy, five talks by youth, and five talks by lay adults. The conference room will be co-ed but there will be separate sleeping arrangements, of course.


Chris Thompson, Lay Director for this Flight, will be assisted by Kathy Redmond. They will pull together a team of seasoned Chrysalis speakers, both youth and adult.


The name Chrysalis was chosen to symbolize the spiritual growth that is essential between adolescence and adulthood. That growth is as crucial for youth as the cocoon is for the caterpillar. It is that precious time of nurturing a person's faith for discipleship.


Chrysalis Flights and Journeys consist of three days of people of like age being in worship, prayer, fellowship, creative expression, recreation, singing, and discussion together. The Chrysalis website promises, “You'll experience the love of God through prayers and the acts of service from a loving support community. Think of it as three days for you to discover or re-discover your spiritual self, to analyze and realize who you are in Christ.”


Young people of any Christian denomination are invited to “spread their wings and experience God’s love in a fresh new way” through a Chrysalis Flight or Journey.


Information about Chrysalis is available at  


An application for potential “caterpillars” (the Chrysalis equivalent of “pilgrims”) may be found at


Youth and young adults are asked to prayerfully consider going on this Special Flight May 1-4, and then discuss it with their pastor and/or youth leader. The Chrysalis board is targeting pastors and youth leaders whether or not they have been on a Walk to Emmaus, but especially if they have not experienced a Flight. They may wish to attend a Walk later.