Turn aside and see: a special free event from GBOD

February 08, 2008

If God were calling, would you hear?


Bushes burning, manna appearing, angels proclaiming, stars guiding, tombs emptying... The Bible recounts numerous signs of God creating, God revealing, God redeeming...God inspiring.


But that’s the Bible.


If God showed up on your way to work tomorrow, would you notice? Would you turn aside and see?


The General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church says God is calling us now to lean into God’s future. Pastors and other congregational leaders are invited to attend “a day of transformational study and reflection,” Saturday, March 8 in one of five U.S. cities. This free event will allow participants to reflect on Scripture and engage in Christian conferencing.


Visit the GBOD website for more information and online registration.