Sidebar: Making the Transition

February 01, 2008

Because California-Nevada Communications Director Jeneane Jones needs to assume her new duties with the General Commission on Religion and Race in Washington, D.C. at the beginning of March, we in Cal-Nevada have a compressed window of time to say our goodbyes. There will be a lunch to wish her Godspeed, and Bishop Shamana has issued an invitation to the Conference to make an opportunity “to share your appreciation for Jeneane’s work among us.”

At the same time, the bishop said, “The Rev. Linda Wiberg, Director of Connectional Ministries and supervisor to program staff, along with the Conference Council on Ministries Personnel Committee, will address matters related to transition and succession.”

As to the immediate future, Jeneane has assembled a highly capable group of professionals who will continue the work of the Communications Office in the coming months and assure a seamless transition. The office has had a highly visible role at Annual Conference Session and that presence will continue this year. Cate Monaghan, who has served as administrative assistant for Communications, will serve as Interim Director with the able support of the Communications Commission.


Jeneane has issued the following statement:


“God has blessed the Communications Office with a skilled and gifted communicator, Cate Monaghan. I can say with utter confidence that I would like no one better to take the reigns at this time of transition. Cate will do a splendid job in helping churches stay connected to each other and the Conference.


“While I recuperated from surgery, Ms. Monaghan helped to guide the computer grant for churches program to completion. She has also handled the Instant connection with deft journalistic hands. 


“Stories for the Instant Connection can be directed to Cate’s phone number is (916) 374-1529.”