News Briefs from UMNexus

January 25, 2008

United Methodist NeXus is an independent weekly news publication for United Methodists, produced by the Boston Wesleyan Association, publishers of Zion’s Herald, an award-winning bi-monthly ecumenical forum for people of faith.


FULL COMMUNION BETWEEN UMC AND ELCA RECOMMENDED: The United Methodist Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America will ask their members to approve “full communion” between the two bodies, reports Linda Bloom of United Methodist News Service. An interim agreement and the conclusion of the last round of dialogue between the two denominations took place in December. The vote will take place this spring for United Methodists (at the 2008 General Conference in Fort Worth, Texas), and in 2009 for Lutherans.


BUY LESS: The Methodist Church in Britain has launched an alternative “credit card” containing a “buy less” message, reports, The new campaign encourages people to consume less and live more this Lent, the traditional time of Christian reflection and life review. The alternative “Buy Less: Live More” card cannot be used to make purchases. Rather, it’s designed to be placed in a wallet in front of other credit and debit cards to remind people to think twice before they spend. The initiative is supported by the Methodist Church of Great Britain and a dedicated group on the popular networking site Facebook.


CATERPILLAR TALKS: Church and Society executive Jim Winkler hopes Caterpillar Chairman Jim Owens better understands why the UMC – Owens’ own church – may divest itself of Caterpillar stock, according to Winkler also discussed the issue and other church matters during a forum at First United Methodist Church of Peoria, Illinois – where Owens is a member – during a forum January 18. Church and Society has petitioned the 2008 General Conference urging members to allow it to divest itself of Caterpillar stock because equipment made by Caterpillar has been used by the Israeli military to raze Palestinian homes. The church owns about $5 million in Caterpillar stock. Other churches, including the Presbyterian Church, have rejected similar petitions in past years.


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