UMC Santa Cruz receives special Advent blessing

December 07, 2007

United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz has received an Advent blessing from the Zoning Board –approval of its application to construct a new church.


Previously the zoning authority had given provisional approval, pending review of the project.


The announcement came from the Rev. Michael Love, Santa Cruz UMC pastor, Friday (Dec. 7) morning:


“Friends, I am just back from our continued hearing before the Z.A. board. I am happy to report that the Santa Cruz County Zoning Administrator’s Office has approved our application and declared a negative environmental impact.”


The next step is for the church to submit construction drawings by December 20 for review and issuance of a building permit.


“With God’s help we will be able to begin construction in the spring!” Love said. “There is plenty of work ahead, but God has given you this day to celebrate. Thanks be to God!”


The project began with the consolidation of three congregations in 2003 and the plan to build the nation’s first church to be designed from the ground up as an environmentally friendly facility.


“I wish to especially thank Michael Bethke, our project manager from Slatter Construction, and Peter Bagnall of William Bagnall Architects for their diligence and dedication to our dream,” Love said. “And to James Campbell, a thank you that comes from me – and I know all of the congregation – for his wisdom, passion and persistence. James, both as a friend and the chair of the New Building Committee, I thank God for you and your ministry among us. And to Jennifer Sherry, our Director of Loving and Learning, many thanks for keeping our eyes focused on the ministry to our kids in the community. It won’t be long before we get them ‘back home’ to 2091 17th Avenue in a brand new facility.”


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