Chuck Myer reports on his progress

October 29, 2007

Oct. 28, 2007


Greetings to all in the Conference who have been so helpful to me!


I am now beginning my third week of medical leave, continuing to recuperate quickly at home, with doctor’s visits on Monday, October 29 to scope out radiation procedures, and on Tuesday, October 30 to do a PET-Scan (to see if there was any other problem besides the tumor). The tumor was, by sight anyway, removed by a marvelous physician to whom I will always be grateful. Once the surgery portion has healed (next week) I can begin the radiation, about a two-week process. My speech impediment has gotten smaller and smaller each day, and is nearing zero. Yay!


Thank you to those who have been so great in picking up the pieces to keep my friends updated. You can use this memo as the latest update.


I do know there are still many of God’s mysteries at force here – it gives me much to think about!




Chuck Myer