Bishop's Art on the Move

September 15, 2007

Bishop Beverly Shamana has a new work of art on display at the Spirit in the Arts Gallery in Sacramento.


The piece, titled “Journey to Freedom,” continues the Bishop’s passion for expressing beauty through the creative transformation of natural gourds.


“It is great fun to join other artists and to show our work in a setting where faith and the arts come together to impact public space,” Bishop Shamana said.


She describes the new piece as an ancient figure. “It stands 36” X 12” and embodies the image of an ancient figure that offers sanctuary to a troubled woman cradled in an inner niche. The protected figure came from my trip to the Philippines this year.” In February, Bishop Shamana was part of a fact-finding team from the California-Nevada Annual Conference that traveled to the Philippines to shed light on the murders of clergy and church workers in the region.


The team heard stories of young people and adults alike shot or who “disappeared” in what have been termed extra-judicial killings – death without due process. To read more the mission, link to Philippines Fact Finding Mission.


Bishop Shamana’s gourd art can be found at the Spirit in the Arts Gallery on the 2nd floor of North Sacramento United Methodist Church, 650 El Camino, Sacramento, CA 95815. It is also featured in a newly published book by Lark Publications, titled Spirit Dolls, by Wiedess and Summit.