Nothing But Nets aiding children one bed at a time

August 31, 2007

Throughout the spring and summer the Wesley Sunday School at Bakersfield Wesley UMC has participated in the United Methodist Nothing But Nets campaign that provides bed nets to protect children in Africa from malaria spread by mosquitoes.


Through their efforts, with contributions from Wesley adults, they raised a total of $896 in June. During the summer, Wesley’s “One Room Sunday School” children gave $56 through weekly offerings. Wesley joined with Trinity Vacation Church School children learning about the campaign and together raised more than $400 in offerings and revenue from collected cans and bottles. After a final campaign push in August, the church reached a grand total of $1,703 – enough to buy 170 bed nets.


Way to go, Wesley!!! With a special thanks to the children of Wesley who spearheaded the campaign.


From The Outlook, Bakersfield Wesley UMC