Artists needed for juried art show in Western Jurisdiction Conference

June 06, 2007

The Western Jurisdictional Conference is organizing a juried art show to take place July 17-20, 2008, in Portland, Oregon. This show is accepting applications from any artist living in the Western Jurisdiction who is a member of or active participant in the United Methodist Church. The jury will be made up of Portland-area artists who will select work that represents a broad range of media.

Artists of all levels of skill are invited. The juried process will be geared toward selecting the best, or most appropriate, examples of each artist’s work (based on space limitations and other factors). The jury is not meant to be intimidating or exclusionary, but rather to curate the best exhibition possible.

The goal of the exhibition is two-fold: to showcase the broad range of talent of artists in the Western Jurisdiction, and to provide a venue for those attending to view and/or purchase these works of art.

The theme is simply “Liturgical Art.” How the artist interprets this is completely open. Each artist will be asked in the application how/why he or she sees his/her work as falling into that category.

All work must be original, from design to completion.

Planners say that while it may seem unduly early to be soliciting exhibitors, the intent is to give artists as much as time as possible to develop their work before applications are sent out. This also will allow those with questions to receive answers with ample time to complete their projects.

Artists who may be interested in applying are asked to provide their names and addresses. Organizers are also interested in receiving recommendations of artists who should be invited to participate.

Artists and those who would like to suggest that someone be contacted are asked to email Lynda Sprecher, Chair of the Western Jurisdictional Conference Art Show, at She will be happy to provide further information.