registration deadline approaches for Spirit of Italy

May 19, 2007

Time is getting short as the deadline for registering for Bishop Beverly Shamana's trip to Italy approaches. The deadline is July 1, 2007.  Pastors can earn the basic costs of the trip by recruiting 7 people to go.  Also, with 7 more (total of 14 persons or 7 couples) a pastor's spouse can earn the trip too.
All you need to do is let the people in your congregations know what a great opportunity this is to get to know the Bishop personally, as well as see the wonders of Italy in person.  What can one expect by going on this tour?
****Opportunities to visit with the Bishop and other colleagues in a leisurely manner;
****To see some of the great Christian art in Italy, i.e. the Statue of David in Florence; paintings and mosaics in Rome;
****The original Balcony and court yard of "Romeo & Juliette" in Verona;
****The wondrous canals in Venice;
****A trip into the catacombs where the early Christians worshiped;
****Why not a cruise to the Isle of Capri? (part of the extension to the tour)
There is so much more.  Time is getting short.  The deadline for signing up for the tour in October is July 1, 2007.  Don't miss this opportunity.  You will never regret it!
For more information check out the Spirit of Italy 2007 website.