UM relief efforts underway in Greensburg, KS

May 10, 2007

The United Methodist Committee on Relief has released an emergency grant to the Kansas West Annual Conference to aid survivors of the May 4 tornado that leveled Greensburg, KS, about an hour west of Wichita. Kansas was hit heavily by tornadoes May 4, 5 and 6, with more than 70 tornados reportedly sighted throughout the state. Greensburg, a farming town of 1,600, was destroyed May 4. The Greensburg United Methodist Church and parsonage were destroyed. Nine people were killed as the tornado traveled through the area.


In addition to Greensburg, other communities were hit May 5, including Trousdale, KS, northeast of Greensburg, and rural Bennington, north of Salina, KS. More tornados damaged residences near Longford, KS, northeast of Salina. The Trousdale United Methodist Church was heavily damaged. Heavy rainfall and flooding forced evacuations throughout Central and Eastern Kansas as the storm continued to pelt the region.


Help is needed to assist the residents of Greensburg and surrounding areas hit by these storms. The United Methodist Church in Kansas has a long history of assisting disaster victims through the Kansas Area Disaster Fund. The fund will be used to assist the victims of these and other storms in the state. These funds provide direct assistance to individual disaster victims.