"Thank you for your relief efforts"

April 11, 2007

would like to thank the sisters and brothers who have reached out through the United Methodist connectional system to help with the freeze relief efforts in the greater Lindsay area.


New Community UMC of Oakhurst sent several carloads of jackets and warm clothing. Hanford UMC and Wesley UMC in San Jose sent blankets, food and warm clothing. In addition, many churches took a special offering and together with other individual donations raised approximately $4000 for help with food and to provide rental assistance and utility assistance for those affected by the January freeze that devastated the local citrus crop. Donations were received from: Visalia, Wesley-San Jose, Wesley-Fresno, Wesley-Bakersfield, West Sacramento, Los Banos, Trinity-Bakersfield, Mariposa, Kernville and Lindsay.


We are also blessed to have received a grant from UMCOR, with funds going to the Lindsay Strathmore Coordinating Council (the local non-profit and food bank), Hispanic Ministries of the UMC in Porterville, the Lindsay UMC food closet, and to provide gas vouchers for freeze victims. Thank you all, and may God bless you and your ministries!


Karen Stoffers

PE serving Lindsay UMC