Wanted: United Methodist Churches involved in eco-justice work!

April 03, 2007

On April 14, people are rallying in hundreds of communities across the country to ask Congress to finally do something about bringing us into a clean energy future. This will be the first big nationwide rally against Global Warming. The National Council of Churches' Eco-Justice Program is undertaking a "topographical study," to collect names of congregations across various denominations to find out which churches are involved in some type of "eco" work, what these congregations would like to see developed by NCC to better resource their work, and if they are willing to share their success story/model with NCC as well as the United Methodist Church.

Whether you are planning to remodel your church using eco-friendly resources, or planning a carpool or walk-to-church day; perhaps your district or Bible study group has switched to using only fair trade coffee; or maybe your church has been doing recycling for years and wants to share how your congregation got started – these are stories that are great to share. Often congregations just beginning a Caring for Creation ministry can use your work as an example.


Take a look at the ideas below:



Energy audit

Fair trade coffee

Earth Day Sunday

Farmers' market

Stream clean-up


Policy advocacy


Send your information to comm@calnevumc.org. We’ll not only pass along the information, we’ll include it in an upcoming Instant Connection.


For more information on groups in your area that are joining the National Day of Climate Action on April 14 head to www.StepItUp2007.org.