Cal-Nevada welcomes spring with new UMVIM teams

April 03, 2007

In the month of April, four Volunteers in Mission teams from California-Nevada Conference will be working in the Gulf Coast area on Hurricane Recovery. Additionally, two international Volunteers in Mission teams are deployed: one in Colonet, Mexico and the other in the Yuhan Province in China. They will be a living witness to the Good News about Jesus Christ through their hands-on service. Please remember them during your daily prayer and Sunday church services, asking for God’s presence to bless them, their families and the churches sending and receiving them.


Gold Country Community Parish (Colfax UMC, Dutch Flat UMC, and Placer Hills UMCC) and Auburn Pioneer UMC to Slidell, Louisiana: March 31-April 8

This cluster of churches has two sister churches in Slidell, Louisiana, with whom they established a long-term relationship in November of 2005. They have supported various restoration projects and now want to support the sister churches with physical assistance and get better acquainted. The team members are: Brenton and Katie Sanders, Beth Murphy (Colfax UMC); Lauren Simmons and Kayla Hollander (Placer Hills UMCC); Carl, Barbara, and Matt Swain (Auburn Pioneer UMC); Joe Hoffmann (Dutch Flat UMC)


1st UMC - Oroville to New Orleans: March 31-April 6

Pastor Rochelle Frazier has said, “We are responding to the challenge issued by Rev. Connie Thomas, Coordinator of Disaster Recovery for the Louisiana Conference, at last year’s Annual Conference Session. We are a multi-cultural team of African-Americans, Anglos, and Hmong United Methodists going to serve in New Orleans.” The other team members are: Carol Anderson, Elaine Klein, Pa Xiong, Davi Vang, Nou Yang, Jarred Bunn, Jack Erwin, Jeannette Given, and Thomas Kroner.


Los Gatos UMC to Colonet, Mexico: April 4-14

Dave Wolf and Karen Noe are leading a team to Mexico for construction and Vacation Bible School activities with the community in Colonet, Mexico. This is an on-going mission and relationship between several California-Nevada churches with the UM church and community of Colonet in Mexico. Please keep these team leaders and members in your prayers: Dave Wolf, Karen Noe, Chuck Noe, Alex Noe, Kayla Noe, John Lynch, John Loofbourgh, Pete Taylor, Nick Taylor, Elvi Braun, Tatitana Braun, Megan Braun, Cindi Loper, Julia Loper, Mark Eastland, Eric Eastland, Tom Waldrop, Susanna Waldrop, Linda Waldrop, John Waldrop, Leslie Peck, Dan Peck, Mark Greene, Conner Greene, Chris Munson, Meredith Munson, Pat and Jess Salem, Mike Brown, John Forbes, Chris Maddox, Sharon Perry, Tyler Perry, Eliana Brown, Mike Brown, Mariana Brown.


1st UMC - Loomis to New Orleans: April 12-19

Pastor Maggie McNaught is leading a team to do Hurricane Recovery work in New Orleans. The team member names were not available for this request.


Asbury UMC and Lynnewood UMC to Slidell, LA: April 7-14

Roger Everett from Asbury UMC and Steve Elliott of Lynnewood UMC are leading a team for Hurricane Recovery work to Slidell, LA. This will be the third trip for these churches to Slidell in a very short time. The dedication to perseverance is a wonderful example for us all. The other team members are: Ann Lau Choy, Lance Choy, Richard Crawford, Sharmyn Crawford, Keith DeLand, Phillip DeLand, Robert Hoffman, Coleman Johnson, Louise Nelson, Ronald Rigge, Peggy Smith, Philip Woolworth, Mary Ellen Huey, Joyce Suter, Larry Suter and John Van Scyoc.


Retired United Methodist pastor MoChi Lam is taking a team of volunteers to Yuhan Province in China to work with teachers and students in English language programs of Yongsheng County. The other team members are Nancy Hendricks, David Klaiber, Sharon Klaiber, Ashley Tran, Carolyn Bircher, and Joseph Chan.


Conference UMVIM Coordinator Sue King encourages you to post these names in your home, office, church or car – anywhere that will remind you to lift up a quick daily prayer on their behalf. Thank you so much!