Week of the Young Child is April 22-28, 2007

March 07, 2007

Week of the Young Child (WOYC) is just around the corner! WOYC is a great opportunity to recognize the teachers and programs that teach and care for young children, and to focus public attention on the needs of young children in your community. NAEYC has resources available to help you promote your WOYC events and the theme, “Building Better Futures for All Children.” Visit NAEYC’s Web site < http://www.naeyc.org/about/woyc/ > for a list of suggested activities and other information to plan and publicize your WOYC events.


Some suggestions for partnership activities with congregations and weekday ministries include:

* Reception for teachers of young children – weekday and Sunday and choir, etc.

* Picnic and play time in the church yard or a nearby park on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

* Sponsor a community gathering to talk about the needs of young children in your neighborhood / area and to develop an action plan to make life better for them and their families.

* Worship service that lifts the needs of young children today and calls the congregation to prayer and advocacy.

* Bulletin boards themed to young children.

* Special speaker for parents and teachers of young children.

* Hold a book shower to provide new books to the church library for young children.

* Invite local legislator to talk with parents / teachers / church staff about the needs of young children in your legislative area and to listen to the needs as identified by those attending.

* Invite all the young children to a special storytelling session by characters (in costume) from the Bible.

* Have a special service of blessing for young children and their families.

* Hold a fair on the church lawn and invite all from the community to attend – focusing on young children.

* AND ….


Take this opportunity to celebrate together the lives of our youngest children, their parents and their teachers ...

for the sake of children.