Denominational giving grows for 2006 in all jurisdictions

February 22, 2007

Seventeen conferences contributed at least 100% of all apportioned funds in 2006, two more than in 2005.


As of the end of December, 88.5% of all apportioned amounts had been received. In 2005, the giving was at 87.0%. Every jurisdiction increased its apportionment giving, with the South Central Jurisdiction remaining at the highest percentage level (93.77%) followed by the North Central Jurisdiction (89.78%). The World Service Fund, which is the primary support for general church ministries, received 88.3% of what was asked for in 2006, an increase from 86.9% in 2005.


East Ohio Conference gave the largest dollar increase from 2005 to all funds by contributing more than $711,000 above its previous giving and moving from paying 76.31% of its apportionments to 100%. Central Texas was the other new 100% conference, up from 92.40%. However, 13 conferences paid less apportionment dollars in 2006, though some of these were still able to pay at or above the percentage apportioned amounts that they paid in the prior year.


The Episcopal Fund remains the apportioned fund receiving the highest percentage contribution (92.0%), though all funds received an increase. The Interdenominational Cooperation Fund received the least at 86.3% in 2006. All the special Sunday offerings received more gifts in 2006, with the Peace With Justice Sunday offering increasing the most at 24.2% and the Native American Ministries Sunday offering growing at 2.4%.


“Together we are working to affect real change within our denomination,” said Sandra Lackore, general secretary of the General Council of Finance and Administration. “This change is subtle, but we can see glimpses of hope and transformation. The performance of the jurisdictions in supporting the apportionment covenant in 2006 is one such hopeful sign.”