Butterfly Project at Park Presidio UMC

October 15, 2013

The Butterfly Project at Park Presidio UMC in San Francisco is one in which the church has grown butterflies from larvae and released them in the church garden. It is a multi-faith project that is helping to revitalize the church.  
They are promoting the garden as a meditation space involving people in the community.  Additionally, their goal is to construct a labyrinth so they can have regular spiritual experiences in the Butterfly Garden.  They hope to use their Butterfly Garden as a model to establish butterfly habitats throughout the city at other churches.  
In early September, Pastor Sandy Gess ordered four Painted Lady Butterfly larvae from a mail-order source.  Beginning September 8, each Sunday for three Sundays, she brought them in a butterfly habitat the church could share in the excitement of growing this symbol of the Resurrection.  This was particularly of interest for the young children. The first Sunday she preached "You Can Fly, But the Cocoon Has Got to Go."
When the first butterfly emerged on September 23, she texted all the members with a photo and received many texts back.  Over three days, all four butterflies emerged. 
On September 27, pastor and members of the church released the butterflies.