Volunteers to Colorado

October 09, 2013

The Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC) is ready for Early Response Teams (ERTs). After the end of October, the response will transition to recovery, and ERTs will no longer be needed. The RMC can handle multiple ERTs at the same time. They have housing and job assignments for several teams at once. The housing is in UMC church facilities, or homes of parishioners. Teams need to bring their own cots and/or air mattresses, towels, etc. There are cooking facilities in the churches but teams will need to provide their own food and prepare it. A few of the churches have showers and those that don't are making arrangements with close-by facilities to allow for showers. There are no charges associated with response. At this point it would be best to not bring a trailer. Pickups, especially 4 X 4s, would be more efficient and effective. Many of the roads and streets are still in poor shape and tough to navigate pulling a trailer. Snow tires would be a plus. Some of the areas are still without power, water, and sewer. There are port-a-potties in these areas. Job assignments will probably not be determined until just before arrival. The number and locations change daily. The RMC does not have a store house of tools available. The RMC is in the process of hiring a full time volunteer coordinator and project manager. They hope to have both of them on staff next week. Contact Nancy Boswell to serve as an ERT team to Colorado.  Her email is Nboswell@q.com. Once official dates to serve are confirmed by Boswell, contact Eddie Frutchey at the California Nevada UMVIM Office, umvim@calnevumc.org, or 916-374-1584.