100 Years of Filipino Ministry in North America

October 08, 2013

The 2013 California-Nevada Annual Conference Session last June in Sacramento unanimously approved Resolution #11 - “Celebrating a Pilgrim People, 100 years of Filipino Ministry in North America.”  Part of the resolution is to declare November 10, or 17, 2013, as Filipino Sunday in all churches of the California-Nevada Conference.  The Filipino American Ministry committed to provide every congregation with a Filipino liturgy that includes a prayer, original Filipino hymns, and a video presentation that portray the faithful and fruitful ministry of a pilgrim people across the nation.
The proposed Liturgy and suggested hymns and anthem are available by clicking here
The Filipino American Ministry members will be calling churches to follow up materials and to find out if churches will be participating in the Centennial Celebration.  The Filipino clergy and laity will also be available should the need arise to have someone come and participate in your Worship Service.  Contact Laddie Perez-Galang at mamicita@pacbell.net for more information.
The theme for the centennial year is “Bagong Siglo, Bagong Sigla" (New Century, New Vitality).