Dress Like a Mosquito Day

October 29, 2014

Almaden Hills UMC in San Jose held a "Dress Like A Mosquito Day" on October 26. For each person who showed up on Sunday wearing both antennas and wings, $5 was contributed to the “Imagine No Malaria” campaign.  Thirty people came dressed that way, earning $150 for the camapign.  Many others wore just the antennas made from fuzzy pipe cleaners, sparkle balls, and headbands by the Sunday School director.  For the children’s moment, the YouTube video called “Malaria Is My Name” was shown. The children were given “Trick-or-Treat – Imagine No Malaria” boxes to fill.  The boxes will also be used for Easter, like little Easter baskets (April 5),  May Day, like the old-fashioned May baskets (Sunday, April 26; Friday, May 1; or Sunday May 3), or Mother's Day (Sunday, May 10).