“Growing From the Ashes”: A Gathering of the Orders

October 29, 2014

“Growing From the Ashes”: A Gathering of the Orders will be held January 20 to 22 at Mt. Hermon Retreat Center. The forest seems burned out, down, dead – but new growth emerges – renewal, regeneration…From death comes resurrection…Sometimes the sheep nibble at the shepherds…A drought requires digging deeper for life giving water or at least new strategies for finding life giving water…Celebrate risk taking—learning still occurs even if a risk is unsuccessful…woundedness is a part of our calling as is healing. These are the ideas that gave birth to “Rising from the Ashes”—the theme for the 2015 gathering of the orders.
Through prayer, worship, anointing, reflection, meditation, holy conferencing, and play we will explore and claim our ongoing call to be in ministry in the 21st century, acknowledge our woundedness as part of what it means to follow in the way of Jesus, receive the healing that God provides in community, celebrate our risks (both successful and failed) and get practical resources to use at home.
Deacons, Local Pastors, Elders, Retired Pastors, ClayM, anyone serving under appointment or assignment, Seminary Students, and Associate Pastors are invited and encouraged to attend the Gathering. 
Here are some other reasons you might consider attending:
* I’m tired of cooking, how can I get a break? The Gathering will provide 6 yummy meals.
* I don’t know many pastors in our Annual Conference…How can I get to know more? There will be lots of opportunities to meet and engage others at the Gathering.
* Problem: I never get to see my District Superintendent.  Solution: Make an appointment to talk with him/her at the Gathering.
* Problem: I miss seeing my colleagues. Solution: See them at the Gathering!
* Problem: I’m tired of leading worship. I wish I could just attend worship somewhere. Solution: There will be great worship at the Gathering!
* Problem: I need continuing education hours but can’t fly out of state. Solution: .75 credits in pastoral care are offered at the Gathering.
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