Conference Lay Minister (CLayM) Classes

October 29, 2014

Have you heard or felt God’s call on your life but you don’t feel it is a call to ordained ministry?  Do you have a passion for serving in the local church?  Have you thought about becoming a Conference Lay Minister?
The intent of the Conference Lay Minister training program is to provide congregations a volunteer pastor while they invest scarce resources in strengthening the church or in essential outreach. Churches pay an annual participation fee to help support the program. Once a CLayM graduate is assigned to a church and serves a minimum of two years, they may request their District Committee on Ordained Ministry to recognize them as a "Certified Lay Minister" under ¶271 of the Book of Discipline.

There are three ways to take CLayM training. One way is to attend a two week residential training (CLayMAway). Classes are intense and begin each morning at 8 a.m. and continue well into the evening. Training weeks start on Monday and continue through Friday lunch. All meals are provided as part of the training experience. The training is at a location to be determined (more than likely near the Sacramento area).
The second way is to take the training via DVD. Most of the instruction is done through distance learning, and persons will have approximately three months to complete the training. This is called CLayM@Home. There will be two mandatory weekend retreats at the end of each of two sessions. This is also an intense training requiring submission of answers to questions on each lesson as the person progresses through the sessions. As with CLayM Away, the retreat locations will be determined at a later day based on class size.

The third way to take training is through the CLayMTEL program online with the Pacific School of Religion (PSR). CLayMTEL is a United Methodist extension of the PSR/TEL offering. The program is one year with new courses each month. Entry can be at any time through the year.

The next CLayM Away class will be in Roseville.  The first session of this two-session class will be Nov 17 to 21.  The second session will be Jan 12 to 16.  The cost is $598, which is payable in two payments of $299.00. 
The next CLayM Home (DVD training) class begins on Jan 26 and runs through April 26. The retreats for this class will be held in Roseville.
Applications are currently being considered for both the CLayM Away and the CLayM Home classes.  Read the Inquirers Letter on the Conference website, download and submit the Short Form Application if you are interested in taking the CLayM course before June 2015.  Graduates will be given their official completion certificate during Annual Conference Session 2015.
For more information, contact Becky Sheldon at the Conference Center, (916) 374-1500, or the Rev. Steve Pudinski, at or (916) 757-1596.
For more information about CLayM, click here.