Imagine No Malaria $100K Challenge

October 22, 2014

During the 2013 Annual Conference Session, we began a journey with a challenge to raise $2 million to help eradicate death by malaria on the African continent. We are blessed to be within reach of our goal.  As of October 14, we have $517,583.52 left to raise to complete the $2 million goal.
A few weeks ago, more than 30 pastors gathered at the Conference Center in West Sacramento for New Pastor's Orientation.  These are pastors who are in their first appointment, or new to the California-Nevada Conference. One of their presentations focused on our Imagine No Malaria efforts. Emerging from the group's brainstorming, and recent Cabinet discussions, comes the $100K Challenge.
Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr., and the four District Superintendents, are challenging each district to raise $100,000 by June 1 to meet the $2 million goal in time to celebrate during the 2015 Annual Conference Session in Burlingame.  To watch the challenge video, click here.
If the California-Nevada Conference reaches the $2 million goal by June 1, Bishop Warner H. Brown will go into a dunk tank and receive a pie to the face during the Annual Conference Session.  If the Central Valley and El Camino Real Districts each reach the $100,000 goal, their District Superintendents, the Revs. Debra Brady and Kristie L. Olah, will each receive a pie to the face during the Annual Conference Session.  The Revs. Schuyler Rhodes and David Samelson have agreed to shave their heads if Bridges and Great Northern reach the $100,000 mark. 
The $100,000 goal for each district is for funds raised between September 1, 2014, and June 1, 2015. The following are the calculations for each district of what each member and worshiper would need to contribute to reach the $100,000 goal:
  • Bridges District: $4 per member, $11 per worshiper;
  • Central Valley District: $8 per member, $15 per worshiper;
  • El Camino District: $6 per member, $11 per worshiper; and
  • Great Northern District: $8 per member, $15 per worshiper. 
Currently, the California-Nevada Imagine No Malaria website,, is being revamped to include weekly totals. The site will have the monthly report from United Methodist Communications in Nashville and weekly totals will be posted showing funds that have been donated and processed through the conference treasurer’s office. Districts, circuits, and local churches are encouraged to submit events, stories, and photos for the site.
Let's continue God's work striving to eradicate death by malaria on the continent of Africa.