Aptos UMC Teen Receives Philanthropy Award for Imagine No Malaria Efforts

October 02, 2014

Austin Eaton from the Aptos UMC has been named the Outstanding Philanthropic Youth of the Year for the Central Coast. He will be honored along with five other philanthropic organizations and individuals at the 23rd Annual National Philanthropy Day Awards Luncheon on November 21 at the Inn at Spanish Bay. Eaton was nominated by York School for his work for Imagine No Malaria. This is his second nomination for the award and the first time he has won it.
Presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, National Philanthropy Day “provides an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of giving and all that it has made possible...At our annual National Philanthropy Day celebration we will honor local people and organizations for their generous support and exemplary contributions to nonprofit agencies throughout Monterey and Santa Cruz counties...Our award recipients set the standard for community involvement. Their active involvement demonstrates that they are truly responsible members of our community; active in making our community stronger.
Their participation demonstrates a deep respect of all the varied people, beings, and our environment that encompass Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.”
Over the past three years, Eaton has delivered sermons, organized luncheons, concerts, and special church offerings that have raised $8,717 for Imagine No Malaria. What began as a service learning project for school has evolved into a serious undertaking for the high school senior. He owes a debt of gratitude to the Missions Team for asking him to take a leadership role in the fundraising effort when he was in ninth grade and putting their wholehearted faith, support, and enthusiasm behind him.
Eaton looks forward to continuing fundraising for Imagine No Malaria and the tragic Ebola outbreak in Africa only serves to strengthen his resolve to help those in crisis. The connection is clear. Imagine No Malaria’s goal of creating healthy communities with strong and lasting health systems is key to eradicating Malaria as well as Ebola and other diseases.
On a personal note Eaton says, “I’ve learned as much as I can about Malaria without having visited Africa, and seeing the progress of Imagine No Malaria in eradicating the disease during the three years I’ve been fundraising has enlightened me to the power of our church missions.”