God is Alive and "Shifting" on the Lake

September 22, 2014

God is so alive, on this lake! On Sunday Sept. 21st, 82 people (plus or minus a wanderer or two), from 10 months Old to 97 years Young. Gathered together in worship at Anderson Marsh Historical Park, Lower Lake, Ca. to Celebrate God and to work on SHIFTing ourselves from fellowship to a people offering God's Hospitality. Our group hailed from three congregations, who all closed their sanctuary doors for the day to gather together under ONE mighty Oak tree. We hailed from Clearlake Oaks UMC, and Clearlake Community UMC, and Lower Lake UMC. Under the direction of John Pavoni and Cindy Lawler we practiced the rules of “3” and “10” while the congregations gave themselves’ the sermon by exploring, the “One Another’s” from the New Testament in a fun popcorn style scripture reading. Our worship attitude was greatly enhanced by live music under the direction of Mike Heinz. “Old ‘n young” stretched and twisted our tongues to Methodist Pie and held hands and asked God to Kum by ah ! .Reaching out to our Brothers and sisters in Faith we took collection for the fire victims in Weed. We concluded our morning with an amazing potluck which seemed to stretch for miles. ? . Many Thanks are also owed to the State Parks Department who allowed us to use this historical venue. We have a digital photo too