Holy Conferencing Plans Set

September 05, 2014

As a means of exploring a format for being an inclusive conference, and to build covenant within the California-Nevada Conference, plans have been made for a series of holy conferencing experiences. First, training of facilitators of holy conferencing, for lay and clergy, will be held Friday, September 12, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Conference Center. Confirm attendance with Dave Bunje or Holly Hillman. Additional training dates are being explored.
The initial holy conferences will be held among clergy in their circuits, so that they can become familiar with the process, and then promote it among lay leaders and also engage one another in different groupings. Having roots in ancient tradition, and distinctly enlisting the Holy Spirit, these initial circuit-based holy conferences are scheduled for All Saints Day, Saturday, November 1.
Lay members of the Annual Conference, and lay leaders of local churches will be asked to participate in holy conferences on Saturday, February 28. Holy Conferencing will be part of Annual Conference Session for all members in June.
This series of holy conferences is sponsored by the Study Committee for an Inclusive Conference, created by Item 27 in 2012. In the conflict over the Book of Discipline statement about the compatibility of homosexuality with Christian teaching, and restrictions on marriage and ordination of persons who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning, the Study Committee’s proposal is that a meaningful way forward is relational rather than legislative.
Dave Bunje, Chair
California-Nevada Study Committee for an Inclusive Conference:
Cynthia Statemen, Steve Pudinski, Karen Oliveto, John Oda, David Niu, Jamie Michaels, Patsy Hopkins, Holly Hillman, Craig Dale, Linda Caldwell, Dave Bunje, Rod Brayfindley, Greg Bergquist, George Beckman, Brandon Austin