Forum Following the Stabbing Violence at UC Merced

November 10, 2015

Last Monday, the Wesley Club campus ministry at UC Merced held a forum following the recent stabbing violence that took place on the campus injuring four people, and ending with the student who committed the act being fatally shot.  The forum included a group process to share experiences of the violence on campus, and discuss how to move forward and bring healing and hope to the community. Topics included: understanding male anger, transforming anger into constructive energy, and alternative models to revenge. The Rev. John Song, Wesley Club campus minister, says, "Suffering comes from thinking I am alone in my suffering and experiencing disconnection and isolation from people and community.  Anger arising out of such context is formed out of misreading of others and misunderstanding of the reality. Any anger that is acted out will bring shame later. Especially men were never taught to understand anger, how to process anger, and transform anger into positive, life-giving energy to benefit others and the world. As we have entered into the 21st century, time has come for men (and women) to be powerful people without needing to subjugate women and dominate others.” A candlelight vigil led by the school's chancellor was also held. For more information about the Wesley Club, click here.