CLayM Your Calling; CLayM the Name of Jesus

September 16, 2013

Have you had that strange feeling that the Lord is calling you into further service of the Kingdom, yet maybe not ordained or licensed ministry but more than being a lay servant? 
Have you thought there has got to be more you could do but you just don't know where to turn?
Have you thought about Certified Lay Ministry? 
The Certified Lay Minister (CLayM) training program trains lay persons for effective and expanded service in the local church and community. The intent was to provide lay pastors when traditional forms of clergy service were not feasible, allowing vital churches with low income and/or membership to serve their communities.
Now, in addition to serving as solo pastors, CLayM graduates provide specialized and associate ministries. Most graduates continue to serve God through their local churches, becoming effective ministers of the Gospel.
Certified Lay Ministry Training provides an opportunity for spiritual discernment, as well as tools for worship leading, preaching, Bible study, and all aspects of local church leadership. The training empowers and equips lay people to serve God in ministry and advances the work of the California-Nevada Annual Conference in making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
There are two CLayM training opportunities fast approaching. Our in-residence course, CLayM Away, is accepting applications for the upcoming training cycle, November 11-15, 2013 and January 13-17, 2014. These two one-week sessions (M-F) include all training materials and meals. The student is responsible for lodging and transportation.
The second training cycle for CLayM@Home, just started on September 16. With your DS's approval and diligent work, you could still join this class, which runs until December 15. However, if rushing to get the applications completed and diligently working to complete the lessons in time for the October retreat doesn't sound appealing, register for the CLayM at Home cycle which starts January 27 and runs through April 27, 2014.
CLayM@Home is a four month course in which you watch a series of DVDs and answer questions about the lessons and attend two mandatory retreats. As with the CLayM Away course, all training materials and meals are provided. You are responsible for your lodging and transportation. The cost for both CLayM Away and CLayM@Home is $299/session for a total of $598. Limited scholarships are available for CLayM Away and CLayM@Home.
Finally, there is an ongoing CLayM training program administered through the Pacific School of Religion called CLayMTel. This is a strictly on-line course that takes a year to complete.  One may enter this course at any time during the year. Contact Ann Jefferson, Program Coordinator at, or call 510/849-8284.
For more information about this vital ministry in our conference talk to your pastor or your District Superintendent.  Visit the Certified Lay Ministry (ClayM) page on the Conference website at, or give the training coordinator, Rev. Steve Pudinski, a call at 916-783-3464. 
Remember, classes are starting soon and we have a spot with your name on it.  All you have to do is ClayM your calling; ClayM the name of Jesus!