A Message from the Conference Benefits Officer

September 03, 2013

A message from the Conference Benefits Officer containing the required Affordable Care Act Notification Kit was sent last week to lead pastors, SPRC Chairs and church administrators.
The message contained five important documents:

  1. A letter from the Board of Pensions Office explaining the Health Care Exchange Notice Requirement.
  2. A GBOPHB Employer Notification PDF that provides additional information about the requirement.
  3. A FLSA Notice template form that is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. The template form has been pre-populated with information about our conference's Blue Shield Health Insurance plan. If you have insurance provided by another carrier for your employees, simply delete the pre-loaded information and insert the appropriate information.
  4. A GBOPHB Exchange Notice Helpful Hints PDF that provides guidelines for completing the template form.
  5. And lastly, a sample letter that your local church can send under your letterhead to clergy and lay employees of your church/agency.
REMEMBER: All employers are required to provide a notice to all employees NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 1, 2013 even if you do not provide health insurance for all employees. NO exceptions.
If you have any questions, please email or call Paul Extrum-Fernandez, Conference Benefits Officer at 510.839.8538 or paul@bopumc.net.