Giving Change to Change Women's Lives - Centennial Offering for Mary Elizabeth Inn

August 13, 2014

"Saving our change to change women’s lives" came to life at Novato UMC as offering boxes popped into form for their Conference/Laity Sunday.  The offertory time included an update on the tithe for shared giving; an overview of Barbara Ferguson’s philosophy on sharing generously as she has done through Imagine No Malaria; and an invitation to each family in the congregation to make or take an offering box to save their change and bring back September 28 for a special offering in honor of Mary Elizabeth Inn’s Centennial Celebration. 
This past week during  Novato’s United Methodist Women’s (UMW) Sunday more offering boxes were given out after Mary Glide, President of the Board of Directors of Mary Elizabeth Inn and the keynote speaker, shared the story of her great-great grandmother Lizzie Snider Glide who built and furnished the Inn to provide a safe place for young working women. 

The offering boxes to save change for the Mary Elizabeth Inn Centennial Celebration can be found by clicking here.