Missions Through Handicraft Sales

August 19, 2015

A local church can support mission projects in Bolivia, India, Cambodia, Africa and Macedonia by holding a sale of handicraft items from those and many more countries. Through the years, the Mission Handcraft project has sent $95,310 to mission projects around the world from sales at the Annual Conference Session and in local churches in the California-Nevada Conference. A mission committee, a United Methodist Women's (UMW) group, or interested individuals can schedule a sale. Prices of goods range from $2 for note cards, whistles, or small coin purses, to $60 for alpaca sweaters, with many items priced under $15. For more information about the Mission Handcrafts project, see a sample inventory and get hints for conducting a sale, click here. For more information, sgmetzger@att.net, or call (707) 938-8373.