Background Screenings Updates and Changes

July 16, 2014

(of special interest to  Pastors, Church Administrators, and UMVIM Leaders)
As you know, the United Methodist Church takes very seriously its responsibility to reduce the risk of abuse of children, youth, and vulnerable adults. All of our local churches are strongly encouraged to assure that volunteers and employees working with children, youth, or vulnerable adults have current and clear background screenings, and Safe Sanctuary training.
In 2012, the CalNev conference office engaged the services of Trak-1 to administer background screenings and Safe Sanctuary training for all adults (volunteers or hired staff) working at conference-sponsored events (youth summer camps, childcare at Annual Conference Session, etc.). As a courtesy, local churches were offered the opportunity to utilize the conference Trak-1 account.
After careful review, it has been determined that our shared responsibility to children, youth, and vulnerable adults will be better met by requesting that local churches using Trak-1 open sub-accounts under the conference’s master account.
Should your church choose to utilize the services of Trak-1, or has in the past, please carefully review these procedures and note changes as they apply to your church. Volunteers in Mission team leaders should also note important changes:

  1. Please do not, as previously instructed, direct your potential employees or volunteers to the Trak-1 website. This option is no longer available.
  1. Should you choose to use Trak-1, please open a sub-account under the California-Nevada Conference’s account (information and instructions included in the link below). Once you have opened a sub-account, your church’s designated Trak-1 liaison will send email invitations to those who require background screenings.
  1. The cost for your church will be a $5-$10 monthly fee. Very small churches with limited resources and limited screening requirements may be able to negotiate a reduction or elimination of the monthly fee with Trak-1.  Please note that the monthly fee DOES NOT cover the cost of the individual background screenings. Fees per individual applicants will still apply.
  1. Volunteers in Mission participants will now be screened through their local churches, rather than through the conference UMVIM office. These screenings can be done through a local church Trak-1 sub-account or any other accredited screening service the local church chooses.
You can click here to read in detail about screening procedures, Trak-1, and the overall importance of reducing the risk of abuse to children, youth, and vulnerable adults.