Grants Available to Support Older Adult Ministries in Local Churches

July 08, 2014

The Committee on New and Vital Congregations/Older Adult Ministries would like to share information on the Aging in Poverty Ministry grants from the United Methodist Committee on Older Adult Ministries (OAM) of the General Board of Discipleship (GBOD).
The grant is specific for local church ministries (not for a district). Grants totaling $75,000 will be awarded to churches later this year. Most of the grants will go to churches in the U.S. and at least 10% will go to churches in Central Conferences.
“The maximum grant per quadrennium per recipient is up to $2500 seed money for the starting of a new ministry or up to $4000 for continuing ministries with matching funds or in-kind contributions” (from the application form). All grant applications must be sent to the Office on Aging and Older Adult Ministries, postmarked no later than Aug. 18.
Some of the criteria are “The ministry must develop an Aging in Poverty Ministry that provides (1) a program for direct poverty assistance, such as food distribution, or (2) a program for economic education, such as teaching older adults how to appropriately budget the funds they have, or (3) another creative program designed to address the issue of Aging in Poverty.”
To be considered, the applications must meet the grant criteria and include the required signatures.
For more information and to obtain an application, click here.
For questions, contact Teri Kline, Project Coordinator at (877) 899-2780, Ext. 7177, or