Peace Camp II Ignites

July 01, 2015

Peace Camp II at Mt. Tamalpais UMC in Mill Valley took off with flair this year. Seventeen campers-- seven children new to the church--explore "peace within, peace without, peace all around" in this full week, all-day camp. Dozens of volunteers helped children and families minister, Tricia Wiig, provide life-long lessons in peace making for the children. Activities included daily yoga, cooperative play and games, international snack and environmentally friendly crafts and a focus story of the day. The camp's assistant director this year was Pavlina Manavska, a young adult member of the Methodist Church in Macedonia. The kids learned songs of fellowship and peace in Macedonian and enjoyed having this special guest. Those songs were part of the leadership of the Peace Campers in worship on Sunday morning, who read scripture, sang songs and shared stories of Peace Camp with the congregation. If churches are interested in the Peace Camp model, contact Mt. Tam Church at