Otto DeLeon Honored with Bishop's Award

June 19, 2014

Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr. honored Otto DeLeon with a Bishop's Award. DeLeon is an active layperson at St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Sacramento.  DeLeon, who is in a management position at Goodwill Industries, is the stewardship committee chair and serves on the finance committee and helped organize a fundraiser, "All in the family," that raise over $14,000 two consecutive years. 
Each year, St. Mark's participates in the WISH Winter Shelter housing more than 100 homeless people for two weeks during the winter.  DeLeon serves every night during the two weeks. 
During the Christmas season, he holds an annual party, "Home for the Holidays" at his home and receives donations from attendees and donates the money to a local charity.  In 2013, he raised $10,851 for Sacramento Habitat for Humanity.  He recently traveled to Nicaragua with the group to help build homes. 
DeLeon has also helped to improve St. Mark's promotional materials including the website, youth program branding, and fundraising materials.  He also serves on the worship committee.
"He inspires me to be a better Christian.  He is a kind and considerate, a very gently person who judges no one.  You know when you meet a certain person and your feel like you are in God's presence when you are around them, that's Otto," said Deanna King, St. Mark's finance director.