Mt. Tam Church Parades "Imagine No Malaria"

May 27, 2014

Mt. Tam United Methodist Church launched this year's Imagine No Malaria ministry by participating for the first time in its 110 year history in the Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade. Creating a twist on the parade’s patriotic theme, the church banner proclaimed: “As they served our country, we serve the world,” celebrating United Methodism’s world-wide mission of eliminating malaria. The church’s truck could be seen for blocks away, as “Mattie the Methodist Mosquito” topped the truck cab with an Imagine No Malaria banner as the background. “Mattie,” crafted by church members, is a four feet long wire and paper-mache creation, the fiercest mosquito ever built. The sides of the truck were adorned with photos of church members in active service, from the military to homegrown missionary Katherine Parker. Almost 30 adults and kids from the congregation walked alongside, handing out candy (the parade tradition) and handouts about Imagine No Malaria. As Pastor Kim Smith puts it: “This was a friend-raising event. And people loved our truck and our message! Many folks asked how they can help us. We already have plans for next year, including how people can donate immediately and how they can get involved.” Other Imagine No Malaria events will take place through-out the year and you can bet that “Mattie the Methodist Mosquito” will be at every one.