Process for Clergy and Lay Nominations For General and Jurisdictional Conference

June 11, 2015

The Conference Secretary, the Rev. Kristin Sachen, announces the results of the nomination for General and Jurisdictional Conference delegates:  We have one clergy nominee, Bener Agtarap, and six lay nominees, Emily Allen, Ruby Bago, Dr. Randall Miller, Gayle Shearman, Beth Snyder and Burt Yin.  
We are to elect 3 lay and 3 clergy delegates for General Conference and 7 lay and clergy delegates for Jurisdictional Conference. We need to elect 3 clergy delegates and 3 lay delegates to General Conference.  We need to elect an additional 7 clergy delegates and additional 7 lay delegates to Jurisdictional Conference.  Reserve delegates will also be elected.
Since we do not have sufficient nominations through our initial process, it will be important to have nominations made on the first day of Annual Conference Session.  Here is the process:
-        Obtain a form from the Pages’ Desk.  The form has a place for your name and by     filling it in you are indicating a willingness to be nominated.  In addition there are    20 lines for signatures.  You must collect these 20 signatures only from the group you belong to – clergy or lay.  If someone asks you to sign their form, confirm they are clergy or lay and that it is appropriate for you to do so.
-        You may sign as many forms as you are asked to sign.  You are not obligated to       sign any of them.
-        Clergy – bring the completed form to the Conference Secretary by the conclusion of   the Clergy Session.
-        Laity – bring the completed form to Co-Lay Leader Gayle Shearman at the      conclusion of the Laity Session.
-        In any event, the completed form needs to be in the hands of the Conference Secretary by 6:00 pm Wednesday evening.
-        A ballot will be prepared overnight that will show a Clergy Slate and a Laity Slate.       The nominated persons named above do not need to gather 20 signatures at     conference – they are already on the slate.
-        Sometimes people want to run only for Jurisdictional conference.  Every nominee       will have the opportunity to withdraw from the General Conference slate but continue on the Jurisdictional Slate.  This is done when the tabulation ballot is    distributed. (If you are elected to General Conference, you are automatically elected to Jurisdictional Conference.)