Congressman James Clyburn preaching at St. Mark’s, Sacramento

April 23, 2014

St. Mark’s UMC Sacramento is delighted to welcome to the pulpit an African Methodist Episcopal layman who serves not only as a Congressman from South Carolina, but also as Assistant Minority Leader in the House, Congressman James Clyburn. President Obama has said that he is “One of a handful of people who, when they speak, the entire Congress listens.” Clyburn will preach this Sunday, April 27, at 11 a.m. The church is located at 2391 St. Mark's Way, Sacramento, CA.
Congressman Clyburn’s father was a Southern Baptist minister and his mother an “independent, civic minded beautician.” He became president of his NAACP youth chapter at age 12 and was an active leader in the civil rights movement in South Carolina. He met his wife, Emily, while in jail during a civil rights protest.
Elected to Congress in 1993, he became chair of the Congressional Black Caucus in 1999, and chair of the Democratic Caucus in 2005. In 2006 he became Majority Whip.
As a national leader he has worked to respond to the needs of America's diverse communities. He has promoted legislation to assist rural communities and low income urban communities. He has supported financial assistance for students, especially related to historically Black Colleges and Universities. He has promoted green technology development.
Congressman Clyburn was instrumental in advancing into law measures to resolve historic discrimination issues, significantly reducing the statutory disparity in cocaine sentencing and compensating African and Native American farmers who suffered racial discrimination under the USDA loan program.
Congressman Clyburn is a powerful preacher and a great witness for justice.